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Easy Administration : User delegation

User management is traditionally reserved for site administrators, through central administration interfaces or by integrating automatic feed processes.

Thanks to this block, a teacher or trainer can create...

Ref : 00012P
P.U. (T.I.)
540.00 €

Mod Tracker

This tool offers a full educational or technical support ticket service in Moodle. It can be managed and used by administrators or platform educators to collect issues experienced by end users. It can also be used to deal with support tickets ...

Ref : 00021P
P.U. (T.I.)
720.00 €

Project management : Mod Tech Project

This tool allows teaching based on project-based pedagogy in a technical learning environment. It reproduces the standard cycle of a project according to the IEEE definition, and allows the progressive recording of conception, subdivision, division into tasks, management of milestones, deliverables, and so on....

Ref : 00022P
P.U. (T.I.)
720.00 €

Boutique Moodle

La boutique est un ensemble complet de plugins pour forger une machinerie de ventes dans Moodle de vos formations ou objets pédagogiques commercialisés.  Une fois la formation acquise, la porte du (des) cours est automatiquement ouverte à votre client, et vous visualisez toutes les opérations dans votre interface de boutique DANS Moodle....

Ref : 00023P
P.U. (T.I.)
6000.00 €

Course Notification

A reminder and notification tool, in order to facilitate the animation of the courses by detecting specific situations of non-participation depending on key dates to send automatic reminders to the participants....

Ref : 00025P
P.U. (T.I.)
1200.00 €

DB Cleaner

The component is an industrial administration tool used to clean the database

Subscription to the TMA gives you privileged and immediate access to a course on this platform:

  • To download the plugins, it is presented for each version of your Moodle open source software...

Ref : 00029P
P.U. (T.I.)
780.00 €