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User quiz Monitor

The userquiz monitor (revision board) is a set of plugins which allows a user to choose how many questions he wants to review and in which categories / sub categories to go to the passage (optional) of an exam. Based on a question bank that can offer hundreds or thousands of questions. This is a reverse pedagogical activity: traditionally it is the lecturer who proposes a series of questions, and the student cannot freely choose according to his points of strength and weakness the elements that they wish to revise....

Ref : 00001P
P.U. (T.I.)
3000.00 €

Virtualize Moodle - Vmoodle

Vmoodle is a powerful tool that allows you to deploy multiple Moodle by virtualization on a single physical codebase.

This tool allows a simplified administration between platforms which exchange similar equipment in plugins. ...

Ref : 00002P
P.U. (T.I.)
11400.00 €

NetYpareo Moodle authentication

Authentication by NetYpareo is a method which allows the user to connect to Moodle in SSO based on the NetYpareo login / password pair with complex data synchronization functions.

This tool allows a greatly simplified administration and a better user experience....

Ref : 00003P
P.U. (T.I.)
3000.00 €

Ergnomics and simplification - Tabbed Quick Form

This involves presenting the forms in Moodle in  tabs form, and hiding from the forms all the fields little or not used by teachers.

The result is a very important feeling of simplicity of the interfaces....

Ref : 00004P
P.U. (T.I.)
600.00 €

Training courses and courses - Courses ascendants and descendants

These two plugins allow to present courses in training courses and "courses modules", in order to avoid the duplication of "courses modules" used in many training courses.

The proposed blocks facilitate navigation...

Ref : 00005P
P.U. (T.I.)
540.00 €

Courses index with multiple classification

It is a question of presenting the courses within a catalog with multiple classification of the courses, which is not possible originally in Moodle.
The catalog is accessible in both online and offline mode, in order to expose its offer ...

Ref : 00006P
P.U. (T.I.)
4200.00 €

Course life cycle and archive

To manage your courses at the end of the academic yearand on your archiving policy, this powerful administration tool and its block allow you to consider multiple scenarios.

Based on a suite of filters and actions that are easy to learn, and with a ...

Ref : 00007P
P.U. (T.I.)
3600.00 €

Audit quiz result

Thanks to this component you will be able to display the results of categories and subcategories of tests in the form of graphs. You are free to use one or more tests.

You can also offer remediation courses triggered by one or two adjustable thresholds, depending on your past test results....

Ref : 00008P
P.U. (T.I.)
3000.00 €

Simplification : User Equipment

Thanks to this component you will be able to display the results of categories and subcategories of tests in the form of graphs. You are free to use one or more tests.

You can also offer remediation courses triggered by one or two adjustable thresholds, depending on your past test results....

Ref : 00009P
P.U. (T.I.)
2640.00 €

Tracking : Learning Time Check (LTC)

The purpose is tracking activities and resources in terms of time spent based on completion of activities and resources on courses.

The “LTC” module in the course automatically retrieves the list of all the activities and resources in course. Teacher chooses which activities and resources in the course will be required, optional, or skipped, then assigns the calibrated time. ...

Ref : 00010P
P.U. (T.I.)
2640.00 €

Tracking : use Stats and training Session

to monitor activities and resources in terms of time spent on the basis of log analysis.

The “Training session” report shows the time spent on activities and resources, on the overall time spent in the course, in additional spaces linked to the course (personal files, user profile etc.) The reports can be exported to csv and PDF format....

Ref : 00011P
P.U. (T.I.)
1800.00 €

Easy Administration : User delegation

User management is traditionally reserved for site administrators, through central administration interfaces or by integrating automatic feed processes.

Thanks to this block, a teacher or trainer can create...

Ref : 00012P
P.U. (T.I.)
540.00 €

Complete data integration via CSV files - Tool Sync

This powerful administration tool allows you to manage flat csv or excel files :
It complements and improves the management mechanisms of standard Moodle tools by bringing them together in a single tool and by unifying the feed processing processes....

Ref : 00013P
P.U. (T.I.)
1440.00 €

Mutulalisation : Sharedresource

The complete Electronic Document Management (EDM) tools are sometimes oversized in complexity and prices compared to the need for simple sharing of common or reference documents.

This integrated Moodle "mini EDM"...

Ref : 00014P
P.U. (T.I.)
11400.00 €

Pedagogical Support Center : Livedesk

The livedesk is an educational support center. It allows you to share messages from several forums spread over your different courses and send them to the person (or people) in charge of processing these messages. All the messages capitalized on the forums that you monitor are therefore displayed on Moodle via an interface allowing you to process in one place on your platform....

Ref : 00015P
P.U. (T.I.)
960.00 €

Ergonomics and simplification : Quiz behaviour

This block simplifies the tests presentation. Also, it is used to drive a set of changes in the behavior and presentation of standard Moodle quizzes.
It also modifies the ergonomics of the question bank...

Ref : 00016P
P.U. (T.I.)
120.00 €

Serious game : FlashCard

The card game is a really easy educational tool, but it helps in long-term memorization.
This game is based on the Leitner mechanism which states that the recall of information decreases exponentially if the information to be remembered is not ...

Ref : 00017P
P.U. (T.I.)
1200.00 €

Complete LDAP data synchronisation - ENT Installer

The ENT Installer plugin centralizes all the needs for automated supply of Moodle business entities from the ENT directories of the National Education system based on the SDET (SDET V4): The tool has a complete LDAP extraction engine managing retrieving users, cohorts, roles to be assigned and course groups. It is defined on a highly configurable basis and on the basis of generic filters which for each data answer the questions:...

Ref : 00018P
P.U. (T.I.)
6720.00 €

Course template


This tool makes it possible to create courses from template, allowing ease of use and saving time.

 "Templates" are empty course structures or skeletons that allow the teacher to have a pre-established model that he can deploy in 3 clicks and in which he can add educational content....

Ref : 00019P
P.U. (T.I.)
3000.00 €

Professional Development Certificate

This certificate allows a more powerful and flexible layout than what the community plugin "Certificate" that the Moodle community offers, allowing to personalize each certificate in a different way, with layouts ranging from formal letter to diploma in landscape format...

Ref : 00020P
P.U. (T.I.)
2220.00 €

Mod Tracker

This tool offers a full educational or technical support ticket service in Moodle. It can be managed and used by administrators or platform educators to collect issues experienced by end users. It can also be used to deal with support tickets ...

Ref : 00021P
P.U. (T.I.)
720.00 €

Project management : Mod Tech Project

This tool allows teaching based on project-based pedagogy in a technical learning environment. It reproduces the standard cycle of a project according to the IEEE definition, and allows the progressive recording of conception, subdivision, division into tasks, management of milestones, deliverables, and so on....

Ref : 00022P
P.U. (T.I.)
720.00 €

Boutique Moodle

La boutique est un ensemble complet de plugins pour forger une machinerie de ventes dans Moodle de vos formations ou objets pédagogiques commercialisés.  Une fois la formation acquise, la porte du (des) cours est automatiquement ouverte à votre client, et vous visualisez toutes les opérations dans votre interface de boutique DANS Moodle....

Ref : 00023P
P.U. (T.I.)
6000.00 €

Page format

This course format "page"  offers an ergonomic course format, presenting the equivalent of each section of a standard format on a different page, with linear forward / backward navigation, or navigation via links presented in a summary...

Ref : 00024P
P.U. (T.I.)
4800.00 €