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Public version support limits

ActiveProLearn plugins are developed for years for a big set of operational projects in France. We have developed about 200 plugins and maintain and follow other 30/40 plugins.

ActiveProLearn development initiative publishes through approved distributors the plugins, raising all possible efforts to reach the state of the art industry level practices to give the most compliant level to the Moodle community.

ActiveProLearn experts do NOT provide any kind of direct support on public version plugins, but :

  1. Registers issues and feature changes requests  when they are assignable to the road map we have on plugins. This is commonly the case when:
    1. Changes are light and easy to integrate and test.
    2. Changes do add a real generic value to the plugin.
    3. Changes not not affect a key usage, related to the plugin central goal.
    4. Changes do not address any competitive or strategical value.
    5. Requirer can assume own testing and validation and participate to the quality review.
  2. Processes issue resolution on community published versions with no delay guarantee
  3. Processes quick issue resolution on trivial, central feature diseases or regressions, that impeach basic exploitation of the plugin (cleanness obligation)

PRO version releases

. PRO version usually address:

  1. Plugin productivity (enhanced controls, reports)
  2. Plugin performance (high load, large scale)
  3. Plugin feature completion (implementing all missing formats, feature alternatives)
  4. Plugin flexibility and adaptability (more settings)
  5. Plugin integrability (web services, integration connectors, interoperability additions).

The PRO version is bound to a maintenance contract that will feed continuous efforts to get the plugin maintained up to date, and adapted to a professional use. Distribution and mantenance contract offers to subscribers:

  • Key priority processing on evolution, feature addition suggestion.
  • Priority score impact on issue resolution schedule and arbitration throught  our assistance ticket systeme.
  • Exclusive announcements and “work in progress” follow up.
  • Assistance to deploy, configure and use. (feature level support)
  • Full and detailled documentation published on Moodle

PRO versions code license policy

The additional code involved in “PRO” sections of the plugins is encrypted  to protect our knowledge and R&D effort to provide solutions and is provided with à license key. 

Additional featured were isolated of the public plugin code to help our customers, or any Moodle exploitation that agrees in supporting the development process with advanced, competitive features. 

Aggreed (registered) distributors

  • Private identificated partners with a cooperation agrement with ActiveProLearn SAS

Distribution agreement

We can deliver distribution agreements for plugins that will relay end product owners requests and active support policy delivery from our experts. 

Moodle partners and integration IT partners ? Please contact us

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